“What a wonderful 7 days. I can’t believe how much change has “happened” in my body in what seems such a short period of time. But the results have been truly amazing and certainly all the momentum I needed to get my health and mental attitude back on track.

Dean, Investment Banker 

Detoxification and purification of mind, body and soul.

Why choose us?

Our specialist team of experts are eager to guide, motivate and inspire you through what will certainly be a profound and memorable journey in finding your personal formula to health and longevity.

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Choose Namaste Wellness Retreats, because our renowned goal-oriented Detox programmes have been designed from both a medical and scientific standpoint and have provided our guests with optimal results over the years. Our programmes will allow you to neutralise and safely eliminate the toxins which you have accumulated over time and assist you in making a lasting change to your lifestyle once back at home.

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We aim to significantly alter your perception of healthy living by uncovering the underlying flawlessness of your body, mind and soul. And it is easier than you may think.

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Why Detox?

Each day chemicals, toxins, sugars and excess fats build up in our body from the food we eat, water we drink and the air we breathe. Over time, and as we get older, our body’s ability to get rid of these toxins decreases leaving us tired, despondent and potentially chronically ill.

The process of ridding unwanted toxins from the body at a cellular level to correct imbalances in the body is known as detoxification.

Detoxification has a beneficial effect on most chronic illnesses because it has an impact on almost all systems of the body: cardiovascular, nervous, immune, respiratory, reproductive, gastrointestinal, urinary, skin, musculoskeletal and endocrine. 

Some of the numerous benefits achieved through detoxification: 
• Reduced Stress Levels
• Weight-lossImproved Immune System Functioning  
• Release of free radicals and elimination of toxins  
• Strengthening of the body’s fight against cancer cells and generation of healthy - cells in the body  
• Cleansing of mucous, congestion, fermentation and inflammation in the digestive tract  
• Cleansing of the liver and digestive tract which allows proper absorption of nutrients to facilitate higher
energy levels 
• Purification of the blood  
• A kick-start to a healthy lifestyle, free from addictions to sugar, salt, high glycemic carbohydrates, alcohol, junk foods, nicotine and OTC medication

What is a Detox Retreat?

A Retreat is sanctuary where you are afforded the time and space necessary to detoxify and purify the mind, body and soul. Our intensive Detox Retreats are designed to enhance your body’s natural ability to detoxify thus ensuring that when you leave our Retreat you are equipped to better cope with the daily stresses of modern life.

Is it a Spa getaway?

No. Our intensive programmes are designed from a medical and scientific standpoint to assist you in detoxifying and purifying your mind, body and soul. Although, massage is one of the mediums we utilise to assist the detoxification process, all elements from your food consumption, supplementation and daily activities are carefully designed and  monitored to achieve the maximum results.

We offer three exclusively tailored programmes:

1. Revitalise Programme – 4 days, 3 nights

Do you need some time away to renew mind, body and spirit? However you are not prepared to juice fast or go on a radical diet?

Invest in a healthy holiday which will leave you feeling ready to take on life’s many challenges. While at our retreat you will be gently detoxing your body with the Namasté Healthy Eating Programme, exercising and resting your mind

Start the transition from a conventional diet and lifestyle, with all the associated addictions, pains, fatigue and disease, to the independent and energetic state associated with healthy living.

Colonic hydrotherapy may be added to the programme upon request

Gently detox your body mind and spirit during your three night retreat with rest, good food, beautiful surroundings and Namaste’s guidance

2. Detox Programme – 7 day, 6 nights

The bodies’ ability to rid itself of accumulated waste and toxins depends on the stability and optimal functioning of its detoxification organs and systems. The liver, kidneys, bowels, lungs, skin, lymph, and immune systems rid the body of wastes and toxins. However, our bodily functions were designed when the world was far less polluted.
Modern diets, lack of exercise and excess stress levels require our bodies to work a lot harder to get rid of the exponentially increasing waste and toxins

During your retreat you will be eating an abundance of “live foods” (fresh organic fruit, vegetables and complex carbohydrates) whilst detoxing your body and mind. Leave with a sense of wellbeing, high-levels of energy, emotional balance and a natural desire to maintain physical fitness.

Colonic hydrotherapy may be added to the programme upon request

Give yourself the most valuable gift in the world – your health

3. Intensive Detox Programme – 10 days, 9 nights

Take charge of your destiny and begin your journey to health and vitality with Namasté Wellness Retreats. Our successful approach is 100% natural and by employing a holistic approach to weight-loss we give you all the tools to make a lasting change.

The retreat will give your body time to heal itself and shed unwanted kilos, while detoxing your liver and colon. A complete Detox will ensure optimal functioning of your body and assist with future weight-loss efforts. Your programme will consist of juice fasting followed by our life food diet as well as various nutritional supplements to ensure that you never feel hungry.

Our exclusive programme combines juice fasting, supplementation, colonic hydrotherapy, lymph drainage massages, a daily exercise regime, personalised wellness coaching sessions and several informative talks to help you lose weight and help you break your bad eating habits

An unhealthy body craves unhealthy food and a healthy body craves healthy food.

Each programme includes:

• Five star accommodation at Fordoun Hotel and Spa in the KZN Midlands South Africa
• Comprehensive “take-home” eating plan
• Full physical and lifestyle evaluation
• All natural supplementation
• Unlimited supply of Happy Water™
• Complementary selection of herbal tea's
• Daily Guided Meditation Class
• Daily Yoga Sessions
• Daily Guided Walks
• 5-star onsite Spa
• Indoor heated and outdoor Pools
• Fully equipped Gym
• Sauna and Steam Rooms