Kerri-Lee Nel

Kerri’s formal education includes a BA sport psychology degree, BA Sport science (honours) degree, Personal Fitness trainer diploma and a Clinical Nutrition (UK) diploma. Kerri has been a personal trainer, group instructor and wellness coach for 12 years.


The Ultimate Detox

Article featured in Prestige Magazine (October 2010 edition pages 70 - 72) written by Dianne Tasker

Stressed, tired, over-worked and overweight. This is an apt description of my state of being when I finally decided to take action and embark on what would be the defining step towards changing my life.
As I arrived at the beautiful five-star Fordoun Hotel and Spa set in the picturesque farming community of Nottingham Road, a jewel in the heart of the Natal Midlands. I was welcomed by cherry blossoms, a heard of spritely dairy cows and the professional Namasté team. I was eager to start my seven day journey, having pre-selected the Namasté Juice Fasting programme (the healthy eating programme is also available). After doing some research of my own. I discovered that juice fasting is a detoxification method in which one consumes only fresh, preferably organic, vegetable and fruit juices. Juice fasting is often done for the physical benefits of cleaning your cells as well as losing stubborn weight.  Besides the obvious physical benefits of juice fasting I was also fascinated by the reported spiritual awakening which is often experienced. I also selected the optional colon hydrotherapy treatments to assist in speeding up my detoxification process.

As we introduced ourselves on the Sunday afternoon, I got a brief glimpse into the reasons why some of the guests had chosen to come to the Retreat to Detox not only their bodies but also their minds and souls. Some were stressed Exec's who wanted to de-stress and learn how to better manage their lifestyles, others wanted to simply lose weight  while others had very specific reasons such as wanting to move on after losing a loved one.

To begin the programme we were weighed, measured and given our comprehensive body composition analysis. I was 18 kilograms overweight, with a fat percentage of 41%. I was horrified and wondered how I had I let myself go like this. I admit at that very moment I felt extremely despondent but was assured by the team of professionals that a few lifestyle changes would go a long way.

My suite was luxurious, very spacious and overlooked the dam. I was eager to open my bag of goodies which was waiting for me in my room on arrival. It included a full range of organic toiletries to name just a few of the items, as well as a journal which we were encouraged to use daily to explore our feelings and thoughts.

The following morning began with a friendly wake-up call at 7am, a warm Detox aiding drink and the awareness that today my juice fast begins. I was anxious to say the least but after the mornings yoga and meditation session my mind began to calm and focus. Breakfast was a lovely pineapple, apple and ginger juice.  The fresh organic juice was delicious and the flavours intense – yummy! This was to become a ritual, four times a day I drank my juice combined with a concoction of supplements and the obligatory serving of fibre. It was explained that the fibre ensures blood sugar levels remain stable over the day. I could already feel it at work. Surprisingly I really wasn't hungry and as the programme developed my energy levels started to peak.


The next six days were liberating. I learnt the difference between eating because
I was hungry and eating to suppress my emotions. During the course of the programme and after my Wellness Coaching session I was able to pin-point the reason for having "let myself go." I had begun to define myself by my job and the success I achieved by voraciously climbing the corporate ladder. I had become last on my list of priorities following my career, staff, kids, husband, bond and the list goes on. I had lost touch with my true self and along the way forgotten what really brings me happiness.

The week was filled with many activities including yoga, meditation, walks on the farm, water aerobics, as well as sauna, steam and floatation tank sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed my one-on-one physical training session with the fitness guru who gave me a personalised workout plan which I can even do from a hotel room when travelling for business. The daily massages included in the package were just heavenly and I also treated myself to a resurfacing facial, manicure and pedicure.
I even came to appreciate the colon hydrotherapy which I experienced as both a physical and emotional release.

Top specialists came to talk to us on nutrition, supplementation, exercise, finding personal balance, bio-energy healing and traditional herbal medicine. Empowered with recipes, eating and exercise plans as well an arsenal of tactics to assist me in managing my stress I was eager to start implementing this new found knowledge.


In total I lost a remarkable 19 centimetres and 5.4 kilograms whilst on the Retreat which serves as my motivation to continue this momentum once I return home. My experience was truly profound and the benefits stretched far beyond just the weight which I had lost.

Namasté’s unique programme has been designed from a holistic standpoint, detoxing not only the body and mind but also allowing the framework in which to allow for self reflection and spiritual development.

Why Detox?

External toxins from the environment such as chemicals found in foods, water and air, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants are present at alarmingly higher levels than any time in history. These toxins bombard your body on a daily basis preventing your detoxification organs from doing their job. This is why a regular Detox is vital in achieving optimal health.

The specialist team of experts at Namasté Wellness Retreats are eager to motivate and inspire you to find your personal formula to health and longevity. This is not just a spa holiday, but rather a way to achieve optimal health through their goal-oriented detoxification programmes.

Programmes have been designed from a medical and scientific standpoint: food consumption, supplementation and daily activities are carefully designed and monitored to achieve the maximum results. Choose from the 4 Day Revitalise, 7 Day Detox or the 10 Day Exclusive Weight-loss programmes combining juice fasting or healthy eating, colonic hydrotherapy, lymph drainage massages and a daily exercise regime.

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Namasté Wellness Retreats

Article featured in Premier Magazine (October 2010 edition pages 54 - 57) written by Neal McKenna


Like Kermit the frog says: “it’s tough being green” – or whatever falls outside the social norm. In today’s world, being portly – rotund – okay, fat – is practically a cardinal sin! Heavy people are the butt of insensitive jokes and they’re supposed to take it all with jolly good humour. And, people who are not necessarily perfect specimens themselves make all kinds of judgements about the “chubs” around them. ‘Overweight people are lazy couch potatoes’ or ‘they haven’t any restraint when it comes to food.’

Admittedly, in some cases, such harsh judgements may be warranted but they certainly do not apply to all who are obese. So what makes some people fat while others stay slim no matter what or how much they eat? Metabolism is a big factor. Some burn up every calorie they consume, while others – the fatties – save every single kilojoule for a rainy day that never comes. On the emotional side, people often bulk up with girth, using it as armour plating to protect themselves from “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” to quote Will Shakespeare. It’s done subconsciously but the result is excess weight and plenty of it!

Recently, my doctor told me I had to lose some serious tonnage otherwise I was destined for some nasty health problems in the not too distant future. He told me I was “morbidly obese.” Nobody wants to be described as morbidly anything, let alone obese! So with that motivation, I went to a dietician. I was assigned an eating plan rather than a diet and it was specifically tailored for me.


I stuck to my programme religiously for a week. Then I fell back into my sinful ways of eating foods not included in my personal plan like croissants and cheese. Am I guilty of lack of control? Possibly. But the truth is I’m more culpable of not exercising enough. Writing is a sedentary pursuit. I sit at a computer most days so I need a lot more assistance than just a list of items to create healthy meals!

And, to be completely honest, I’ve always had weight issues and have been engaged in the Battle of the Bulge for donkey’s years. Now, I’m losing not just the battle but the entire war! What I need is a serious adjustment in how I feel about myself in relation to food as well as getting motivated to exercise more. As the fates would have it, soon after my epiphany, I was assigned to write write this feature on Namaste Wellness Retreats. I was sent for Namasté’s Exclusive 10 Day Weight-loss Retreat at Fordoun, a five star hotel and spa in the Natal Midlands.

First of all, the retreat took place at Fordoun Hotel and Spa. This getaway venue has seventeen luxurious double suites with private verandas, underfloor heating and no two units are identical. Each has a dressing area, a spacious bathroom with a large tub and separate shower. There is even a double suite with wheelchair access and a specially adapted bathroom for those who need this kind of accommodation.

For the guests, the only things missing from typical five-star digs are lavish meals and flowing alcohol. In their place, guests partake in a personally exclusive weight-loss and detoxification programs, conceptualised and operated by some of the country’s top wellness specialists. The weight-loss programme includes juice fasting, comprehensive supplementation, colonic hydrotherapy, lymph drainage massages, daily exercise, yoga, one-on-one wellness coaching as well as several informative lectures to help one lose weight and break bad eating habits.

However, the new eating regimen actually begins at home, one week before arriving at the resort. To reduce the shock to your body, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates, caffeine, red meat, salt, butter, refined oils and as many food preservatives as possible must be removed from your diet. If you adhere to this restricted diet, you have already begun a slow gentle detox. This helps to ensure detox side-effects experienced on the retreat are minimised allowing you to spend your energy on more constructive activities such as enjoying the luxurious surroundings.

Upon arrival, each guest receives a physical assessment, lifestyle evaluation and weigh-in. I tipped the scales at a delicate 145.2kg. This routine is again repeated just before going home to track your progress and to be sure you are in tip-top condition. Wellness coaching sessions assist in revealing emotional and habitual barriers to weight-loss and everyone receives a personalised take-home eating, supplementation and exercise plans. In short, they make falling off the wagon as difficult as possible. In short, Namasté’s philosophy is aimed at empowering you to make lasting life changes.

At first, it felt very much like boot camp – a posh one – but boot camp nonetheless! Four cleansing juices and a bowl of broth were administered each day. The toughest part of the retreat is the release of physical and emotional toxins. The more unhealthy and toxic your body is, the greater the detox side effects you will experience as they are expelled. Toxins are ugly things and they do their worst as your body begins to expel them.

The “life food diet” plus nutritional supplements nourish, cleanse and detox your body so it will more readily shed weight. I honestly admit I never really felt hungry but by day four I was starting to miss solid food, this was only psychological and fortunately the delicious juice blends (which I had never ever considered ingesting before) kept me satisfied .This was the strict regimen for seven days.

On the evening of day eight, solid food was reintroduced into my life. I was so happy, I wanted to sacrifice a bull and eat it! Unfortunately, no porterhouse appeared on my plate. Instead I was presented with Namasté Life Foods. These specially designed meals involved a combination of brown rice, vegetable protein and organic fruits and vegetables. Everything served to us was very tasty and I could drink all the Happy Water™ I wanted. In case you haven’t heard of it, this elixir is also called structured or primordial water. It is a concentrated colloidal solution of original Himalayan Crystal Salt in ultra-purified, re-energised, revitalised and re-oxygenated water.

That was the food aspect of “taking the cure” but there was a whole lot more to the Namasté programme. To encode the proper mindset, daily activities included guided walks, guided meditation and yoga sessions. The five-star onsite Spa includes a world-class Bioenergy centre, a fully equipped gym, yoga studio, heated indoor pool, an outdoor pool and walking trails. Daily massages and monitoring by the nurse help to soothe one’s body and mind.

So, did my stay at the retreat work? Yes, absolutely! I detoxed my system, dropped a whopping 7.2 kilograms and 16 centimetres around the waist and learned how to begin taking care of my body for the long haul. A healthier, more active lifestyle is in my future. But in spite of all the pampering and luxurious surroundings, a lifestyle intervention is hard work. As programme director, Nadine Johnston says: “What you are prepared to put into it is exactly what you are going to get out of it. It’s all up to you.”

Bolstering Body & Soul Soothing Namaste Wellness Retreats

Article featured in Inspirations magazine (September/ October 2010 edition, pages 24 – 26) written by Nicky Furniss


As we went around the room, we each introduced ourselves and explained why we were there. Some wanted to lose weight, others to lead a healthier lifestyle and I came to learn how to relax. But by the end of our week-long detox programme, irrespective of what we had come for, we all ended up leaving with so much more.

Several decades ago, the word “detox” was viewed with suspicion and written off as just another “hippie thing” by many in the mainstream medical fraternity and the general public. But as our modern lifestyles have become more frenetic, our food more processed  and our climate more polluted, the concept of detoxification – of both the body and the mind – has become an increasing necessity.

No one understands this more than the founder of Namaste Wellness Retreats, a highly successful businesswoman in Johannesburg, who quickly climbed the corporate ladder, only to find that with success and the long hours came burnout and exhaustion. Through her own journey back to wellness, she discovered the importance of a holistic approach to balance, healthy eating and relaxation – all concepts that now form an integral part of the Namaste Wellness experience.


Another important factor in this process is an environment conducive to relaxation and the time to focus exclusively on oneself. With this in mind, the detox retreat runs for a full week and is held in some of the most picturesque locations in the country. Fordoun Hotel and Spa – situated in Nottingham Road in the Natal Midlands – was our home for the week and provided an idyllic natural backdrop in which to really escape the stresses of city life. And so our detox began.


Without realising it, toxins build up in our bodies over time, exacerbated by both poor eating habits and lifestyle ones, such as smoking and excess stress. As a result, one of the primary aims of the programme is to effectively rid the body of these accumulated toxins through a healthy eating plan and by eliminating such “problem foods”  as sugar, dairy, caffeine, red meat and complex carbohydrates.

While this might sound quite daunting, our “detox” meals (taken in the form of either fruit and vegetable juices or healthy whole food options) were surprisingly tasty and filling. That is not to say that the regular chocolate cravings didn’t rear their ugly heads throughout the week, but most of us certainly felt the health benefits of cutting out all the processed nasties for a week. To aid the detox process, we also had the option of signing up for colonic hydrotherapy – a sort of internal “bath” for your colon. Not being brave enough to participate myself, I quizzed the other intrepid ladies, as we puzzled over the tubes and bags and other paraphernalia that had been provided for the purpose. Afterwards they reported back with explanations of all the ins and outs (literally!), and while it was universally declared as very possibly the most embarrassing thing one can do in the presence of another person, by the end of the week (when they had mastered it solo), they were all converts and had an extra spring in the step to show for it.

Aiding the “springy steps” were one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer, daily yoga sessions (which taught flexibility as well as meditation to effectively calm the flutterings of the mind) and guided afternoon walks on the estate – perfect for exercising the body and soothing the mind.



A daily hour-long massage in the Spa offered the same relaxation benefits, as well as helping to clear our bodies of all the toxins we were expelling. Dressed in fluffy white robes and curled up on chairs in the atrium, many of us used our free time to write in our journals and to take stock of our emotional responses. We had been warned about the possible physical side effects of the detox (nausea, headaches, dizziness), but few of us were prepared for the emotional ones that came with it. So few of us in our daily lives ever have the time or inclination to focus inwards on our emotional lives and finally having the opportunity to do so can be scary, but, as I discovered, also ultimately liberating.



On our last day, we gathered in the Spa for our final “post detox” body assessments. As each person came out with their “numbers” – how many centimetres and how much weight and body fat they had lost, we cheered each other’s achievements. Irrespective of our final numbers, however, the people in that room were happier and more relaxed than they had been a week ago. We had “survived” without meat or caffeine; we had endured the unpleasant side effects of detox and struggled through the often painful process of emotional self-evaluation. We had all learned something about ourselves and our bodies and about balancing the influences of the outside world on both.

Nowadays, I am back to milk in my tea, and honey on my toast. Red meat makes an occasional appearance at mealtimes and chocolate even more so! But I am aware of what I put into my body now; I drink more water, and I am slowly learning not to sweat the small stuff quite as much as I used to. Every day, I take a moment to go outside, feel the sun on my face, breathe deeply, calm my mind and focus solely on me – long after the physical benefits of my week-long detox have gone, this has been its biggest and most long lasting legacy, and for that I can truly say that it changed my life – and in all the best ways.

For more information on the Retreats offered by Namaste Wellness Retreats at exclusive venues in South Africa,
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External toxins from the environment (i.e., chemicals found in foods, water and air, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants) bombard your body on a daily basis. This is why we believe a regular detox is vital in achieving optimal health. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to attend an intensive Detox retreat. Here are a couple of tips provided by Namaste Wellness Retreats for a mild everyday Detox at home:

  • Drink two litres of filtered water everyday. We recommend revitalising your water with Happy Water™
    concentrated drops.
  • Eat lots of fresh organic fruit and vegetables daily varying across the colour spectrum  
  • Avoid highly inflammatory foods like wheat, dairy, sugar, refined and processed foods as well as stimulants like coffee and tea.
  • Eliminate skin care & cleaning products with contain chemicals. We recommend the Enchantrix™ range of beauty
    and cleaning products.
  • For a gentle Detox that can be done at home without disrupting your daily routine, we recommend the Garden of Life™ Perfect Cleanse Detox Kit.

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Soul escapes –Psychologies Magazine pick rejuvenating getaways to help you get back in touch with yourself.

Recommendation by Psychologies Magazine (October/November 2010 edition)


Where: Fordoun Hotel and Spa, Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal.

When: 28 November to 4 December.

Why: The seven-day Namasté Detox Retreat is designed to help rid your body of toxins through a cleansing diet (organic foods and natural detoxifying supplementation), massage, exercise and meditation. Namasté’s team of experts will be on hand to guide, motivate and inspire you through a potentially profound journey in finding your personal formula for health. The package includes five-star accommodation, a full physical examination, an individual life coaching session, guided walks, daily meditation and yoga classes, as well as workshops presented by experts on fitness, nutrition, stress management and finding purpose.

The cost is R13,755 per person, or R12,555 per person sharing.

To book
Call: 011 022 7500,
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Listed as one of the top 10 Holistic Detox Retreats in SA in the Lifestyle Section of the SA Property Magazine in London.

The specialist team of experts at Namaste Retreats, Sandton, motivates and inspires guests in finding a personal formula to health and longevity. This is not a spa holiday, but rather a way to achieve optimal health through their goal-oriented detoxification programmes - involving the removal of unwanted toxins from the body.

Programmes have been designed from a medical and scientific standpoint: food consumption, supplementation and daily activities are carefully designed and monitored to achieve the maximum results. Choose from the seven day detox programme or the 10 day exclusive weight-loss programme combining juice fasting, colonic hydrotherapy, lymph drainage massages and a daily exercise regime.

Enjoy five star accommodation, daily guided meditation and yoga classes and sauna and steam rooms.

The Autobahn to Health
Article featured in Prestige Magazine, April 2010 (issue no. 36, pages 28 & 29) written by managing editor,
Charl du Plessis.

I ran into an old varsity friend I haven’t seen for a few years on the beach at Plettenberg Bay. He had developed the habit of taking the last week of January off to, as he put it, “Get over the shock of being back at work after a long Christmas break.” When Namasté invited me to join their intensive detoxification week in Natal early this year, I thought it offered a similar way to slow down a year that had started at quite a pace.

With a mix of trepidation and curiosity, I made my way to the Natal Midlands.
I had earlier indicated on the phone that I would opt for the fruit juice fast and also include the optional colon hydrotherapy in my personalised programme. The prospect of daily massages, a flotation tank, a personal fitness instructor and sunrise yoga sessions set my mind a bit more at ease, as did the beautiful drive through the lush Drakensberg on my way down. Maybe I could indeed make it through a week without solid foods and caffeine?At least, my research prior to arrival had revealed that there was some serious science behind this programme.Six of us checked in, and the following morning, with only a hot apple cider drink to start the day, and after our yoga session (my first encounter ever, and a pleasant surprise), we weighed in and had a “before” photo taken. I was about 10 kilograms

off my ideal target weight, and despite my vanity, my Body Composition analysis indicated that I was “nominally obese,” an image I associate with fat Americans in shorts and sneakers eating ice-cream while visiting Niagara Falls. I then made my pilgrimage to the dining room for the first of my six daily “meals” of exquisite organic fruit juices and a handful of balanced supplements, swallowed with a dollop of fibre.
The next six days were an absolute dream. Extensive talks from experts on exercise and nutrition, stress management, African herbal medicines, allergies and food types, a one-on-one lifestyle coaching session, or naps and bike rides filled the early afternoons. Yet, it was the mornings I would want repeated every week of my life: daily massages by the first-grade therapists, steam sessions, a facial and a pedicure, while the tough choice between the flotation tank and the heated indoor pool helped me viscerally feel the toxins leave my body. I even slipped in a haircut. My eyes turned whiter, my skin started glowing, and I slept so much better (perhaps because of the pleasant aches and pains in my muscles from the daily yoga stretches and personal fitness sessions). The six of us got to know each other well – investment bankers, entrepreneurs and artists alike – and soon realised there was a reason for moving us to our own dining room as our discussions became decidedly more explicit about the various stages of Detox through which our bodies were passing.

I started to understand why the serene and poised 50-somethingyear- old artist in our midst participates in four of these Detox programmes each year. It felt like the autobahn to health, bypassing 20 years of bad habits. By Wednesday, after the only really nasty part of our programme (a liver Detox involving Epsom salts, olive oils and who knows what else), I did not have enough holes in my belt when I dressed for “dinner.” In between, we had the pleasure of a session with traditional healer Elliot Ndlovu. I stocked up considerably on his home-grown range of soaps, body lotions, shower gels and hand creams, mostly because I had come to love the smell of the Artemesia they grow on the farm.

The biggest torture was when, four days in, the Executive Chef gave us a booking demonstration on a few healthy and quick-to prepare vegetarian dishes, which those of us on the juice fast were not even allowed to sample, putting our new found will power to test, despite the aromas of curries, coriander and ginger floating around. After a final fitness session and the steam room on my seventh day, I had my “after” picture taken and weighed in at almost five kilograms less. My Body Composition now made me “nominally overweight,” and I had shed four centimetres off my waist. Stocked with water, fruit and nuts, and a whole new lease on life, I hurriedly made my way back home in anticipation of my wife’s expected oohs and ahhs for this new man in her life.

Namasté Wellness Retreats are hosted at some of the country’s top five-star spas. My thinking is that if you want to Detox and cleanse your body then why not do it somewhere truly luxurious where you can be distracted from the initial unpleasant Detox effects. Namasté’s fully inclusive programmes range from a three night Revitalise programme for a mild detox, to the six-night Detox programme and intensive nine night Weight Loss programme Several therapies are optional, including colon hydrotherapy. The ideal retreat would likely be for you and your spouse to invite some old varsity friends and their spouses whom you never get enough time to see, and spend a week catching up on old times while getting a total health boost under the guidance of Namasté.

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Detoxing Mind and Body

Snippet featured in the Blue Train Magazine, July 2010 (pages 17) written by Managing Editor, Nicky Furniss
Over time, our ability to get rid of the toxins that build up in our bodies decreases, leaving us tired and despondent. Namaste Wellness Retreats now offers a week-long Detox programme that has been medically designed to allow your body to neutralise and safely eliminate the toxins from your system. The programme follows a holistic approach which aims to not only purify the body (through a carefully controlled diet, supplements and exercise), but also the mind and soul through guided yoga and meditation, personal lifestyle coaching and talks on nutrition, health and wellness. Namaste Wellness Retreats hosts retreats at idyllic venues in the Natal Midlands and the Western Cape to kick start a healthier lifestyle and a better you. The relaxation benefits of being surrounded by nature in luxurious five-star accommodation can also not be underestimated. Colonic hydrotherapy and juice fasting are available for best results.
Why Detox?
Namaste Wellness Retreats - January 2010 Newsletter

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

Cravings for chocolate, refined carbohydrates and alcohol?
Sinusitis?Constantly tired in the mornings when you wake up?
Headaches and migraines?
PMS?Lower energy levels than when you were younger?
Frequent dark circles under your eyes?Allergies (food and environmental)?
Mood swings and occasional mental confusion?Vitamin and mineral deficiency signs (white lines on nails or dry skin)?
Pimples and acne?Overweight (yo-yo dieter)?
Frequent infections (cold and flu’s)?

Have you been diagnosed with any of these conditions?

Insulin Resistance?
Hormone imbalances?
High risk associated with cancer (high Homosysteine levels)?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions it is most likely that your detoxification systems (bowel, liver and skin) have been over-loaded over the years with numerous forms of toxins such as alcohol and medical drugs to name just two. Like most of us would agree the festive season is about over-indulging, letting your hair down” when it comes to both your diet and exercise programmes.Despite my resolute New Year resolutions, I know that often I start the New Year feeling bloated, tired and carrying a few extra kilos’. To be honest I am left feeling not quite sure how I am going to get through the next 11 months before December rolls on again.The solution? It’s time to Detox…A complete Detox does not just include the body but also the mind and soul. Start 2010 positively and leave our Retreat feeling healthy, confident and ready to take on the challenges and maximise the opportunities that the New Year has to offer you.If you want to embark on a holistic and medically approved Detox program to cleanse your body, mind and soul… then why not do it somewhere truly luxurious where you can be distracted from the initial unpleasant Detox side effects.We offer fully inclusive programmes which include daily massage therapy, Wellness Coaching, guided meditation, yoga and all the tools to assist you in maintaining optimal health when you get home, such as your own personalised exercise and eating programmes.

Namasté Wellness Retreat offers guests the option to add a series of colonic hydrotherapy sessions to their programme. The results are truly amazing and it is highly recommended for optimal Detox results.Wishing you and your families a prosperous, balanced and most importantly a healthy 2010!Namasté
Time to take stock and reflect
Namaste Wellness Retreats – March 2010 Newsletter
Coming out of yet another successful retreat gives us some time to pause and reflect on the amazing results and benefits of our 7-day healthy eating Detox and 7-day juice-fasting programmes.

It is especially interesting to note that while the percentage of total weight lost is similar between the programmes, those juice-fasting achieved a far greater percentage of body fat loss when compared with those on the healthy eating Detox as the below figures show. Average (KG’s) Average % Total Weight Loss Total Body Fat LossJuice Fasting Male 5.2 KG’s 13.8 %Female 3.4 KG’s 8.2 %Healthy Eating Male 4.7 KG’s 3.8 %Female 2.7 KG’s 2.3 %Our programmes are not just about weight-loss, they are designed to equip you with the necessary tools to make a lasting change to your health and well-being. The above results achieved show that juice-fasting in a controlled environment while taking the correct supplementation will give your body time to heal and shed unwanted kilograms while maintaining your metabolism. Fasting should not be attempted without proper medical guidance and professional support. It is important to remember that the true benefit of the weight-loss is not the amount kilograms shed, but how people feel about themselves afterwards.

Can skipping breakfast help me lose weight?A common misconception is that missing meals will lead to weight-loss, often the opposite is true! Starving your body of nutrients will only put it into survival mode - its primary reaction will be to conserve fuel and slow the metabolism (the rate at which calories are burnt at rest). By eating soon after waking, and at regular intervals thereafter, you are increasing your metabolism which means you will have more energy and a higher level of concentration. Eating breakfast also stabilises your blood sugar levels making you less likely to crave sweet things and stimulants like coffee. Let’s not forget that your mood will be more stable as well.Your mother wasn’t wrong when she said “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Tip: The best time to eat breakfast is within one hour of waking

Struggling to eat breakfast? Try this complete meal shake for a breakfast on the move! ½ small banana*½ cup of any berries½ cup plain fat free yogurt1 cup water1 tsp invisible fibre20g whey protein (any flavour)1tsp mixed organic seeds4 walnuts or almonds1 tsp glutamine1tsp green power powder1tsp acai powderBlend all ingredients together and enjoy!*Do not include banana if you are trying to lose weightRecipe designed by Kerri-lee Nel, Clinical Nutritionist