Kerri-Lee Nel

Kerri’s formal education includes a BA sport psychology degree, BA Sport science (honours) degree, Personal Fitness trainer diploma and a Clinical Nutrition (UK) diploma. Kerri has been a personal trainer, group instructor and wellness coach for 12 years.

“Thank you for a well-supported holistic programme. I can recommend this to anyone. It was very informative & good to experience firsthand. “

Marlene Vorster

“Absolutely fantastic & a “magical” experience!”

Helen McIntee

“I got in touch with my authentic self. Was able to reflect on my life & start charting a way forward. Able to follow the programme completely & am proud of what I was able to achieve. I understand better what I need to do going forward.”

Gugu Mji

“I found the staff of Namaste to be very professional. Eudisha listened to all my concerns & I was put at ease. They catered to my food allergies, no nuts, no garlic, no gluten. Storme was friendly, good work! I feel I was guided to make a new life for myself. I will definitely return.”

Tracy Morris

“Thank you for the most amazing, uplifting & exciting experience. From the special care from Eudisha (in colon treatments) & everything else, Brenda in the energy treatment experience. Jenny, her amazing knowledge & how she imparted that to us at every beautiful & peaceful yoga session. The special girls at the spa who spoilt me rotten with outstanding massages, facials, scrubbing & creaming!! The special food we had made with love. To all the staff, who, every one of them greeted you with a smile & asked how you were & how you were enjoying Fordoun. And lastly, but not least my partners in crime – the rest of the Musketeers! The special girls & guys on the retreat who helped me get my “mojo” back. Thank you, thank you. With love always and blessing.”

Linda May Loevendie

“The Namaste staff are awesome. Very supporting! The Fordoun hotel is amazing, a bit too relaxing! A golf course is needed!”

Sheldon Morris

“Thank you so very much to Eudisha & Storme for your support, friendliness & professionalism. The programme is intense, well-planned & thorough. I have gained more than I expected & will return home feeling cleansed, refreshed and motivated, both on the spiritual & well-being sides. I have a new zest & energy, which I haven’t felt for a long time.”
Bronwen de Kock

“I achieved incredible results in 2 days of juice fasting as my stay was only for four days. I also learnt a lot about diet, exercise & well-being, which I will now carry on at home as much as possible. I also loved & appreciated the amount of info I am now taking home. I all it was a different but good experience.”
Carina Rodrigues

“It has been a truly amazing experience for me. The advice, support, enthusiasm you guys provided has been excellent. Your retreat is professional and yet not intrusive that it allows one to choose what works best for you and you are not forced to do anything you do not want to do. The staff of the hotel and spa were absolutely amazing. I would really like to thank Storme and Eudisha for a life changing experience, your personalities, gentleness and calmness and fun have really added to it being an unforgettable retreat.”
Melanie Palmer

“I improved my digestion whilst achieving peace and emotional balance – I feel wonderful. Thank you! Storme and Eudisha are excellent and professional – a great asset”
Julie Hills

 “Thank you Storme and Eudisha for a really fantastic time at Namaste. I had a wonderful time and made real break through’s about a number of my life challenges. I feel like a new person with mental clarity. Thank you for your beautiful personalities and just becoming friends with us, and supporting us. I really will miss you!”
Zulet Crous

“At first booking the retreat I was not sure what to expect as I had performed juice fasts at home before. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with professional staff well informed about Detox.  I found Namaste to be a 5 star experience. Thank you for helping me understand everything I needed to know about juice fasting and the supplements used during the Detox. I absolutely love your programme, you guys rock! See you next year. Blessings and peace be.”
John Souglides

“The Namaste team have been exceptionally professional, pleasant, and patient. They are also extremely well informed and can make a lot of recommendations, I particularly enjoyed the informative talks.”
Cathy Scott

“Namaste’s Retreats absolutely work! I detoxed my system, dropped a whopping 7.2 kilograms, 16 centimetres around the waist and learned how to begin taking care of my body for the long haul”

Neal McKenna

“The 10 Day Retreat has been a great experience for me. I feel cleansed and full of energy. My mind is cleared and more calm. I have lost 3.6 Kg’s which is great. This programme is excellent for those looking to make a shift in their lifestyle towards a more healthier and balanced lifestyle”

Candice Helena

“Dear Namaste, I wanted to thank you for an out of this world experience. We are privileged to get treated rotten very often as travel and hospitality writers for our ultra-luxury lifestyle magazine – private islands, ski-slopes, desert-retreats, helicopter flips, butlers, the works. Yet, in terms of a retreat that spoke to exactly that which I needed at the time, and in terms of an enduring effect on my mental and physical well-being, the week with you and your team ranks as high as it gets. I intend making this detox week an annual ritual for both myself and my partner Tanya, and might even invite a few friends along. (Perhaps twice a year?). Best of luck.”
Charl du Plessis
Prestige Magazine

“An absolute pleasure and a definite must for those caught up in the rat race”

Alan - Sandton 

“What a wonderful 7 days. I can’t believe how much change has “happened” in my body in what seems such a short period of time. But the results have been truly amazing and certainly all the momentum I needed to get my health and mental attitude back on track. This retreat was truly life-changing and thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality.

See you next year!

Dean, Investment Banker 

“Well done to the Namaste team. This was a well thought out holistic programme that achieved fantastic results. I loved all the extra’s like Elliot the Sangoma and the warmth and friendliness of the staff”

Sean, Durban

“I recently went on a Namasté Wellness Retreat to the Natal Midlands, and can thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone interested in their health, especially those people with wellness and weight loss in mind
I congratulate Storme and her very willing and professional crew for a most enjoyable and informative week. 
I certainly felt rejuvenated when I left them, and had lost close to 5 Kg - something that I would not have thought possible at the time. The venue was really “rustig” and relaxed, and the daily yoga, massages, and lectures were most enjoyable too

Everyone should treat themselves to one of these as often as they can!

John, Edenvale 

“What a fabulous week! It was a greatly successful and yet a surprisingly easy detox. This being my 6th detox of 7days or more I was amazingly surprised that even though it was a juice fast only (no solid food), I was not at all hungry during the week and I felt extremely healthy and strong during the program.

The setting is absolutely out of this world, it must be one of the most beautiful places in South Africa, and the accommodation and Spa certainly matched the setting. This is the most ideal place for any person who wants to detox as everything is so beautiful that one tends to forget that they are not eating.

I would be amiss if I did not mention the very interesting talks and cooking demonstration, these have certainly made it much easier to continue with the healthy eating now that I’m back at home.

Thank you to the Namaste’ Team”

Kim Palmer, Cape Town. 

Detoxing made easy in beautiful surroundings and tranquility to quieten any short-lived hunger pangs. A real relaxing revitalisation of mind, body and soul. I returned home with a renewed zest for life, feeling lighter, cleaner (on the inside) and more balanced, armed with solid, factual knowledge of the ins and outs of exercise in relation to diet, stress in relation to illness, emotional health in relation to well-being. The programme is very professional and well-thought out. An essential self-indulgence for any hard-working, stressed out, overweight and malnourished individual at least once a year!” 

Kathy - Parkmore 

What a great place to find yourself again... whether you want to relax and unwind or Detox or lose weight, I recommend this programme to anyone who wants to change their life! Thank you for all you have done for me on this week’s journey. I can’t believe its over already, I wish I could just stay. The amount I have learnt and the knowledge I’ve been given definitely without doubt has been very useful and something I’ll apply to the rest of my life! The professionalism and friendliness has been the cherry on the cake. 

Thanks for your warm welcomes, smiles, shared information etc. What a worthwhile experience I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much, here’s to future friendships. I am glad i had this opportunity

Venita Smit 

This was my first experience of this kind and it was truly a wonderful one. We were a lovely group of people all moaning about the same things like “aah juice again!” but also knowing that we were here for a reason. The spa treatments were an absolute treat, and so were the daily yoga sessions, walks and cleanses.

A huge thank you to Storme, Kerri-lee and Greg! You guys were totally professional friendly and helpful and I can honestly say that together, you’ve changed my life. You all worked extremely hard to make it an unforgettable experience! You WILL see me again.

“To find what you seek in life, the best proverb of all is that which says: leave no stone unturned” 

Rita Jones 

I would just like to thank the whole Namasté team as well as the venue’s staff for their kindness, generosity, helpfulness and friendliness.

It has been an awesome experience and you guys made the experience all the more pleasant and memorable. Storme, thank you for all your help. Greg you are a star, always smiling and helpful. Kerri thank you for being there for all of us in all respects, thank you for all the info on nutrition and health, you are an inspiration stay as sweet as you are. Thank you once again I will treasure this experience; I am going home a new person.

Love you all, 
Rosemarie Stanley 

This is a week in ones life that you are really pampered, treated and taught by a group of people that really want to help you change your life – if you let them! Thank you Storme, Kerri, Greg, Tasha, the ladies at the spa, chefs and all the others for making this week unbelievable! A special hug for “Eva the Diva” Molly and Gus
Nelia Olwag 

I experienced an overall great stay. I would not have achieved this Detox at home. I feel great!
Thank you to all you guys at Namasté
Vani Chetty 

I achieved what the programme generated as expectations
Marius Heyns 

“A challanging but rewarding experience that will force you to turn yourself inside out and explore both what you’re eating and whats eating you”
Lara Potgieter 

“I have found Namaste to be an unforgettable experience. I have achieved re-newed focus and energy in my life. I am looking forward to going home and putting everything I have learned into practice so that i may improve the quality of the life i lead. I would like to congratulate Namaste staff on a well-prepared and complete detox programme!”
Jeanne Theron

“Exceptional!! All the best in the future!”
Venita Smit

“I had an incredible Detox, gained a wealth of knowledge. Its a stepping stone for my future”
Wendy Magrobi

 A great team picture perfect environment and amazing programme helped me to relax, Detox and unwind completely. Thank you for helping me to set my health, wellness and lifestyle goals to help me be more healthy.  It was a fantastic experience and I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Natascha Trainor

“A wonderful experience. This has given me such a great “push” start to reach my goals and to stay healthy. Thank you!”

Sunelle Cornelissen

*** "Testimonials are written by a past guests. Results vary from person to person and so there's no guarantee of specific results."***