Eudisha Balikaran Bhimsan

Eudisha has been practising colon hydrotherapy for over 3 years and has also trained & worked at Colon Care South Africa, where she had undergone training with Jane Boyle. Eudisha under-studied Ramesh Ramkumar,  a natural health practitioner and local author of the book "Being Human."

Colon Hydrotherapy - The most effective Internal Cleanse

Why Colon Hydrotherapy?

“What goes in doesn’t always go out” – Dr. Bernard Jensen

Dr Bernard Jensen in his groundbreaking work on tissue cleansing, states that “When a bowel becomes encrusted with un-expelled faecal matter due to poor dietary habits, the absorption of vital nutrients slows down which impedes energy production. In addition to this the bowel becomes a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria which multiply on this putrid, decaying material and the stage is set for serious consequences. It is an indisputable fact that not only illness and old age, but even death are due to the accumulation of waste products of body chemistry and, on the other hand, to the inability of the body to replenish its cellular structures and organs with fresh vital nutrients. Therefore immunity and freedom from disease can be had and old age and death can be deferred only as long as body wastes are kept to a minimum and fresh, vital material of the first order is supplied for growth and repair of the body.”

Autointoxication is the result of faulty bowel functioning which produces many of today’s diseases and illnesses.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?
Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation or colonics is the process used to remove faecal waste and toxins from the colon and intestinal tract.

What are the benefits of colon hydrotherapy?

Conditions which may benefit from colon hydrotherapy
Allergies Arthritis Asthma Sluggish colon
Bloating Candida Colitis Constipation
Diarrhoea Flatulence Headache Halitosis
IBS Indigestion Leaky gut Lethargy
ME Parasitic infections Skin problems:
eczema, psoriasis,
dermatitis, acne, etc.
Urinary urgency in females. 

Colonic hydrotherapy, coupled with other suitable
measures are extremely effective during:
Cleansing regimes Fasting Liver/gall flushes Weight loss programmes

How long does it take?
In all, a colonic treatment will take you about 30 minutes in the privacy of your luxury suite.

Is it safe?
Yes, very safe. The filtered water is at low pressure and all equipment used is either disposable or sterilised using hospital approved sterilants Although large numbers of friendly bacteria are expelled during treatment, they quickly breed back up to strength, and the environment after treatment is usually better than before, thus leading to a better balance. Supplements (such as acidophilus) are also given through-out the programme to encourage and assist the cultivation of good bacteria in the bowel.

Is colonic hydrotherapy painful?
No. When administered correctly colon hydrotherapy is completely safe and most people immediately enjoy the experience of wellbeing and lightness. Massage techniques are also taught in order to eliminate possible pressure from cramping or gas.

Is it embarrassing to have a colonic?
No. Colonics are self administered in the comfort of your own room, following a comprehensive training session and complementary instructional manual. Our experienced and professional staff members are at your service should you require any assistance or have any questions. Our priority is your comfort and privacy.

Are there any circumstances when it is not recommended?
Yes. Conditions such as active infections, active inflammation (such as diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis), a painful fissure or hemorrhoids mean treatment cannot be comfortably carried out until they are healed or in remission. Diseases such as congestive heart disease, severe uncontrolled hypertension, severe anemia, liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, severe hemorrhaging and colo-rectal carcinoma are also contra-indications for treatment. Treatments are also not recommended during pregnancy.

What system does Namaste use?
There are two types of colonic systems that are commonly used today, the closed system or the open system.

The open system uses a treatment board that is connected to the toilet. The water is introduced to the colon through the rectum, using a very small tube that is as thick as a pencil. The water can be regulated so as not to cause any discomfort to the patient or cause any damage to the organ. Unlike the closed system, the open system encourages natural elimination of the water and wastes.

With the closed system, water is allowed to flow in to the colon through one of the two hoses connected to a tube that is inserted into the rectum, called a speculum. The water pressure can be regulated and the second hose is used to remove the water and wastes from the colon, pass through an illuminated glass viewing tube that enables viewing of the eliminated wastes, and finally into the sewer system.

Namaste Wellness Retreats makes use of an open system Colema Kit for our colonics because this system is generally regarded as more comfortable and private than the closed system. This type of system is very gentle and is usually the better choice for clients who have had bowel surgery or any type of bowel disease.


What is the Price?

Deluxe package: R2, 950.00


  • Training on how to self administer colonics with an internationally renowned colonic hydrotherapist,
  • The complete Colema Kit so that you can continue with colonics at home after the retreat,
  • The Colema Kit comprises of the Colema board which is approximately 5kg’s, Surgical tubing and tips, and a 25 litre capacity plastic bag and steel bracket,
  • Everything you need to get started: two new rectal tubes, lubrication, Bentonite suspension (to cleanse the water for a more beneficial colonic) and antiseptic liquid,
  • A complete course of high quality probiotics to restore the “good” intestinal flora.

Basic package:  R1, 499.00


  • Training on how to self administer colonics with an internationally renowned colonic hydrotherapist,
  • Use of the Colema Kit only for the duration of your Retreat,
  • Everything you need to get started: one new rectal tubes, lubrication, Bentonite suspension (to cleanse the water for a more beneficial colonic) and antiseptic liquid,
  • A complete course of high quality probiotics to restore the “good” intestinal flora.

Why does Namaste recommend Colonics over Enema’s?
Firstly, enemas don't clean out the entire colon. During an enema water is introduced into the anal opening into the rectum and descending colon and only clears waste from these areas. Because an enema only clears out a small section of the large intestine, one needs to repeat the process a few times in order to achieve the desired effect. The difference here between an enema and a colonic, is that a colonic clears most of it.

Secondly, one has to hold in water for a long time then go and sit on the toilet. This has proven to be very uncomfortable. People complain that this is not a pleasant experience and some are put off colonics as a result of this.

Juice Fasting

What is fasting?
Fasting in the traditional sense is abstaining from all food and liquids except for water. Throughout history, people from different cultures and religious backgrounds have followed cleansing practices to purify and reawaken mind, body and soul.

At Namasté Wellness Retreats we do not advocate the radical water only approach to fasting. Our approach is the consumption of life generating non-solid foods (organic fruit and vegetable juices). In addition we provide optimum nutrition through a multitude of supplements which cultivate a feeling of well-being and satiety.

Why choose to fast?
When properly utilised, fasting is a safe and effective means of maximising the body’s self-healing capacities with truly amazing results. Fasting is also known to slow down the ageing process.

Overcoming addictions
Addictions to alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and food are examples where fasting can dramatically reduce the often protracted withdrawal symptoms that prevent many people from making long-term changes.  Most people are surprised at how easy it is to quit bad habits with the help of fasting.

Heightening your Awareness
A wonderful thing about fasting is that it puts an interval between the behavior that you are accustomed to and the behavior that you aspire to.  We tend to be creatures of habit, and the ways that we are accustomed to eating and living feel as natural to us as breathing.  That is why it is so difficult for people to stop bad habits.  But fasting brings your present lifestyle to an abrupt halt.  It gives you an opportunity to pause, reflect and decide how you are going to conduct your life afterwards.  This enables you to make a break with your past and set off in a new, more positive direction.

Celebrating Food and Conscious Eating
There is nothing routine about eating after a fast.  Each meal is a celebration.  After fasting, you tend to be very conscious about what you are putting into your mouth, and why.  Fasting heightens your awareness, as well as your appreciation for food.  By fasting, we learn to eat with reverence. It is the non-doing aspect of fasting that enables us to make behavioral changes by stopping, pausing and interrupting our usual patterns. We learn to take more conscious control of ourselves.

Massage Therapy

Regular massages encourage the removal of harmful toxins and chemicals from our bodies. Massage stimulates the immune system, improves lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and removal of waste products though the skin.

At Namasté Wellness Retreats we believe in the healing touch of massage. All our programmes include daily massage therapy.  For more information please see our specialised Revitalise, Detox and Weight-loss programmes.

Bio-energy Centre

At Namasté Wellness Retreats we believe in a holistic approach to achieving wellness. We believe in creating the opportunity for you to harmonise mind, body and soul though the balancing of your energy system.

Our alternative health treatments include:

  • Bioenergy Rebalancing
  • Reiki
  • Kinesiology
  • BodyTalk
  • Homeopathy
  • Thermal Auricular Therapy
  • Meridian Balance

Please note that the wellness programmes do include complementary Bio-energy treatments however additional treatments are available upon request.

Life and Wellness Coaching

“To take time to think is to take time to live” – Nancy Kline

Life Coaching
Life Coaching is a professional practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve their personal goals. These goals can vary from career, relationships to fitness and health.

Wellness Coaching
Wellness Coaching is derived from Life Coaching but is specifically aimed at assisting the client to achieve their health and wellness goals. At Namasté Wellness Retreats we extensively utilise Wellness Coaching in our Weight-Loss Programme as we believe in a holistic approach to weight-loss. Trained professionals will not only assist you with your “take-home” healthy eating plan and exercise regime, but we also assist you in uncovering your habits and emotional reasons for overeating.


As we have become more technologically advanced and “modernised” we have also allowed ourselves to become less active. The average person now spends most of their day in front of a computer screen. This results in less calories being burned which piles on the extra kilograms, but also interferes with our rate of metabolism, appetite control and the bodies ability to manage blood sugar levels.

At Namasté Wellness Retreats we believe exercise is vital in ensuring the optimal functioning of your body. Exercise assists both in weight-loss and maintenance, but more importantly, for the effective management of stress.

Relaxation Techniques

Our minds need a detox as much, if not more, than our bodies. The practice of emptying your mind from negative toxic thoughts and repetitive behavioural patterns that no longer serve you, are vital to living a long healthy happy life.

When you give yourself the gift of relaxation you are able to connect with your real, inner self and emerge yourself in a sense of peace, wellbeing and love.

At Namasté Wellness Retreats we believe in teaching you relaxation techniques during your stay which you will be able to make use of when you return home. Yoga, Thai Chi and Guided Meditation practices are amongst some of the many techniques utilised.

Happy Water - The quest for perfectly healthy water

Happy Water is supplied during our retreats to ensure that our guests receive only the highest quality water

Happy Water is a concentrated colloidal solution of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt in ultra-purified water that has been re-energized, re-vitalized and re-oxygenated. We call it Living Water (others call it structured or primordial water), a return to the pristine, life-giving essence that flowed through ancient rivers and glaciers long before Man began to wreak havoc on the planet's fragile resources. 

For more information on Happy Water please visit

Supplements used by Namasté Wellness Retreats

BioLife Multivitamin - (Including Homocysteine lowering formula)

Biolife Multivitamin formula is unique in that it has been specially formulated for Biolife to contain generous amounts of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids in the form of linoleic acid (omega-6) contained in the carrier oil, soya bean. Antioxidants are natural compounds that help protect the body from harmful free radicals. Besides the usual antioxidants such as Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc, Biolife has added Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grapeseed Oil, Green Tea extract, Citus Bioflavonoids and Lucopene.

Homocysteine: Elevated levels of homocysteine, an amino acid produced in the body, are associated with hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis). This can increase the risk of heart attacks and stokes.  Homocysteine levels can be lowered by taking Folic Acid, vitamin B6 and B12 all contained in generous amounts in this formulation. Biolife multivitamin capsule is a Vegicap, suitable for vegetarians. It is larger than most vitamin capsules due to its content. Its fill material is in excess of 1000mg.

BioLife Co-Enzyme Q10

CO Q10 is found in all cell membranes. Most CO Q10 is found in the mitochondria, the energy producing part of every cell, especially in the heart, brain, kidneys & liver. It is essential in producing ATP or fuel on which the body functions. CO Q10 is also a fat soluble anti-oxidant and therefore helps boost the body’s immune system by destroying free radicals. Most sportmen & women have found Ubiquinone (CO-Enzyme Q10) to be a natural manner in which to improve performance.

BioLife Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant and is essential for a strong immune system. It stimulates the growth of collagen and may prevent viral attack by strengthening connective tissue. It may reduce the incidence and severity of the common cold. It also plays a part in maintaining healthy skin and gums. Do the apple test: Cut an apple in half, dip the one half in fresh orange juice and allow both halves to be exposed to the atmosphere. Check which half goes brown and which remains fresh and healthy looking. The half without treatment with orange juice (Vit C) is attacked by free radicals in the air (process of oxidation) and goes brownish. The other is protected from free radical attack through the anti-oxidant effect of Vitamin C. More recently Vitamin C has been found to play a role in the health of the cardiovascular system. The Vitamin C in this formulation is released slowly in the body for maximum effect. Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient for humans as it is required for a range of essential metabolic reactions in all animals and plants including tissue growth and repair. Humans are unable to produce vitamin C internally which makes daily supplementation essential. Vitamin C is water soluble which means that humans cannot store it for later use.

Too little Vitamin C can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Dry and splitting hair
  • Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)
  • Bleeding gums
  • Rough, dry, scaly skin
  • Decreased wound-healing rate
  • Easy bruising
  • Nosebleeds
  • Weakened tooth enamel
  • Swollen and painful joints
  • Anaemia
  • Decreased ability to fight infection
  • Possible weight gain because of slowed metabolism

BioLife Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil capsules are an excellent source of essential fatty acids (EFA). It is one of the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids, but also contains omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. EFA contribute to a healthy skin and have successfully been used fordry skin conditions. Alpha linolenic acid (ALA) is a major source of DHA (omega 3) which is a major constituent of the brain. These EFA decline with age and it is believed a deficiency can lead to reduced cognitive function over time. They are also believed to be of use with the functioning of cell membranes and are thought to be helpful in certain inflammatory conditions. These fatty acids help your body burn more calories, reduce appetite and improve your cardiovascular system and brain function.  They also lower cholesterol.  It is a powerful natural supplement that regulates weight loss, builds muscle and increases stamina

Farm Vredelus Sceletium

Sceletium is being successfully by a number of psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors with excellent results for anxiety states and mild to moderate depression; and they can also be used by the lay public as supplements to elevate mood and for stress and tension.

In addition to Sceletium's common use for the stress and mental fatigue of modern industrial living, Sceletium has been used as a natural supplement in:

  • Low mood, including grey weather syndrome
  • Anxiety states, including social phobia
  • Irritability in menopause
  • Improvement in libido, when lack of libido is from anxiety or low mood
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, as part of a support program

In addition to these better-known clinical uses, there is some preliminary evidence that Sceletium may be of value as a supplement in drug addiction rehabilitation and alcohol rehabiliation support, as part of a formal program. Research directions for the future include evaluation of potential in cognitive enhancement, and the management of Parkinsons Disease and Alzheimers Disease.

Sceletium elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension, and it has also been used as an appetite suppressant by shepherds walking long distances in arid areas. In intoxicating doses it can cause euphoria, initially with stimulation and later with sedation. Long-term use in the local context followed by abstinence has not been reported to result in a withdrawal state. The plant is not hallucinogenic, and no severe adverse effects have been documented.

PhytoOrganix Açai Berry

These berries are found in the Amazon rain forests.  They are an energizing super fruit, rich in antioxidants, protein, fibre, vitamin E, minerals and essential fatty acids.  They help promote weight loss, build immunity, fight infections, protect the heart and prevent premature ageing

Intestinal Cleanser

Recent research suggests that as much as 35 grams of fibre a day is needed to help reduce the risk of chronic disease, including heart disease. A fibre supplement can help make up the shortfall, but should not be a substitute for fibre-rich foods. Psyllium is a whole husk fibre which, when mixed with water expands to take on the form of the intestines and cleans out excess waste attached to the intestinal wall.


Liquid Bentonite supports the intestinal system to eliminate toxins. Liquid Bentonite is inert which means it passes through the body undigested. Bentonite clay is made up of a high number of tiny platelets, with negative electrical charges on their flat surfaces which attract and bind positively charged toxins so that they can be safely eliminated by the body


Calphonite provides immediately available and absorbable calcium without changing or materially effecting the acid content of the stomach. It can be assimilated even by those who lack sufficient hydrochloric acid in the stomach; whereas, normal calcium in foods or supplements often cannot. Calphonite is an effective means of supplementing calcium with the additional support of essential minerals: phosphorous, manganese and magnesium.