What We Offer

  • Weight-loss & Detox
    Toxins are stored within fat cells and in order to begin an effective weight-loss journey these toxins need to be purged. Your body will release fat more readily once an alkaline body ph is restored.
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
    The most comprehensive way in which to remove toxins and waste build-up from the colon. If your diets consists of meat, diary, processed and refined foods, your colon is most probably in poor health.
  • Juice Fasting
    The quickest and most effective method to detoxify your body and promote natural healing from within. We utilise a scientifically formulated mix of organic fruits & vegetable juices for optimal results.
  • Relaxation & Pampering
    Massage therapy is relaxing, nurturing and importantly also assists in the removal of toxins from your system. With XX rooms and a wide range of treatments, let our team of masseurs and highly trained aestheticians pamper you.

  • Energy Medicine Centre
    Awaken your sense of joy, resilience and enthusiasm within your life. Balance your emotional and physical wellbeing with a selection of complementary therapies, such as: energy rebalancing, BodyTalk and Kinesiology lead by Brenda McFee and her team.
  • Heat Therapy & Hydrotherapy
    Aids in drawing out toxins, whilst killing harmful microbes, stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, reduces pains and improves immune system functioning. Try our salt water floatation tank, heated pool, rasual, hydrotherapy baths, steam and sauna rooms.
  • Coconut Oil Pulling Therapy
    All disease starts in the mouth. Oil Pulling therapy is an ancient Ayruvedic practise and it acts much like a vacuum cleaner which sucks toxins, viruses, bacteria and fungus out of the body.

  • Coffee & Spirulina Enemas
    The liver is your primary detoxification organ. It eliminates toxins (alcohol, medications, bacteria etc.) and is also responsible for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Coffee enemas are a powerful liver cleansing treatment, learn more with us.
  • Yoga & Guided Relaxation
    Yoga poses assist with detoxification, organ cleansing and increasing digestion. Stretch and strengthen your body while learning to quiet your mind and achieve optimal relaxation. Our classes are designed for beginners through to advanced.

  • Fitness & Activities
    Exercise is one of the best natural detoxifiers and a vital component of any holistic detox. We offer a wide range of activities including: guided walks, aqua aerobics, stretch & tone class, Spinning & Personal Training sessions.

  • Nutrition & Cooking Lessons
    Modern farming and over processing leaves our food devoid of nutrients. We tend to over-eat but are always hungry. Learn to properly nourish your body by incorporating organic raw foods, superfoods, supplements and more for your optimal vitality.
  • Workshops & Talks
    Find your personal formula to health and longevity. Make a lasting change to your lifestyle by learning about: nutrition, supplementation, managing stress & burnout; finding balance, pH and so much more, which we can’t wait to share with you!

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