Energy Medicine Centre

Creating a sense of harmony in body, mind and spirit through balancing the body’s energy system.

The Fordoun Bioenergy Centre encompasses all aspects of mental, emotional, structural (physical) and spiritual components of wellbeing, providing a extensive range of alternate healing modalities.


Bioenergy Rebalancing
A gentle hands-on treatment activating and balancing all aspects of the energy system leaving one feeling relaxed and more in harmony with oneself and with life. Very good for stress release.

Bioenergy Rebalancing Intensive (Brenda)
An energy rebalancing, working with specific issues ranging from stress related illnesses, clearing the self energetically, healing wounds, limiting beliefs to relationship issues.

Bioenergy Rebalancing Massage
An energy release through a combination of deep tissue massage and bioenergy rebalancing.

A non intrusive hands-on treatment, using universal energy which creates greater energy flow in the body enabling appropriate self-healing to take place.

Kinesiology is an holistic, integrative, empowering, bio-energetic set of protocols, using muscle testing/monitoring to identify energy imbalances in the body in order to facilitate homeostasis. Through this monitoring, one may pinpoint causes of stress in the body, mind and spirit.

Emotional Kinesiology
Past emotional traumas which limit us from reaching our full potential are identified. Specific energy blockages created through negative thoughts and emotions are defused by changing the perception of the experience and infusing positive emotions.

These techniques aim to restore one to a state of choice, where previously one may have considered that choice was not possible.

Touch for Health – the basis of all Kinesiology
This is a system of muscle testing and balancing that uses principles of Chinese medicine, acupressure massage, and meridian energy to correct postural alignment, enhance strength, improve energy levels and release physical and mental stress and pain.

Meridian Balance
The 12 main energy tracts in the body support our body systems such as digestion, respiration etc. If any of these meridians are compromised in any way, not only do the associated systems become stressed but also muscles relating to that meridian. A meridian balance will enhance the energy flow in all meridians encouraging healing, balance and a sense of well being. A meridian balance is also known to reduce pain and stiffness.

Neural Organisation Technique (N.O.T.)
An amazing and complete protocol which takes into account the circumstances which influence the way the body responds to stressful stimuli and how it registers this within the nervous system. Problems are not seen as diseases but rather disorganisations of the central nervous system. This therapy is excellent for postural problems and sports injuries.

BodyTalk – Anna Bruce
BodyTalk is a non invasive and amazingly effective therapy that encourages the body’s energy and communication systems to be resynchronised, enabling the body to function at optimum level. This exciting and revolutionary healthcare system encompasses western medical expertise; the energy dynamics of acupuncture, osteopathic and chiropractic philosophy; the clinical findings of Kinesiology – all put together under one hat. BodyTalk is achieving brilliant results.

Lymphology Treatments
This is a series of treatments starting with an initial consultation. A treatment package will be created according to the person’s needs, which includes nutrition, an exercise programme, energy treatments, spa treatments, emotional and mental aspects and lymphatic massages.


Hopi Ear Candles (Thermal Auricular Therapy)
The candles create a ‘chimney effect’ in the ear which results in a suction effect removing excess wax and helping to regulate ear pressure. This therapy may also help with sinus, hay fever, tinnitus, glue ear, rhinitis, dizzy spells, stress, irritation of ears and poor hearing due to a build up of wax.