An enema is an injection of liquid into the large intestine, the fluid soaks and loosens faecal debris and flushes out the intestinal wall. Enemas have been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years.

Enema implants are an effective way of enhancing the therapeutic properties of the water solution ustilised by adding a wide range of herbs, coffee or supplements. We utilise a range of herbs and also coffee enemas on our retreats, these will be prepared for your individual needs and requirements.
A colonic is similar to an enema except it cleans more thoroughly. As such, we recommend a few colonics before trying an enema.  Colon hydrotherapy is far more effective at cleaning the colon and our preferred method. We recommend only trying an enema implant treatment once you have had a few colonics to ensure that your bowel is clean. Thus ensuring that whatever toxins your liver may release during the enema treatment they are able to safely exit your body.

Enemas clean the lower bowel (sigmoid and descending colon); colon hydrotherapy cleans the lower and upper (transverse and ascending) segments.

It is not the coffee utilised but actually the caffeine which is a proven effective stimulant, fat emulsifier, and liver detoxifier.