Most women dread the festive season as for many this means temptations, making poor choices and starting the new year with weight gain, bloating and guilt. The festive season doesn’t have to be like this and with a positive mental shift and a little self-care and motivation you can start 2019 feeling light, energised, happy and healthy.

A few tips on how to stay healthy:

  • Never go to a party hungry. When we go to a party not having eaten the whole day, we are more likely to make poor choices as everything will look good. Eat a small snack before going, this will enable you to make better choices as you will feel more in control.
  • Eat your greens. Make sure to include as many greens as possible whether in your smoothie, juice or on your plate.
  • Stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day especially if you are going to be drinking alcohol.
  • Continue to include a form of exercise into your day. It is easy to forget about exercise when we are on holiday but doing some sort of exercise whether walking, swimming or yoga will keep you fit and healthy during the holidays.
  • Dish up the veggies first. When dishing up food for yourself, always make sure half of your plate is full with salad and veg before dishing up the rest of the options available such as meat, potatoes etc. This will help keep the meals balanced and healthy.
  • Drink alcohol moderately and pace yourself with a glass of water in between each drink. Choose healthier options such as white wine or vodka with fresh lime and soda water.
  • Be kind to yourself. Being offered seconds, desserts and more can be tempting and if you choose to indulge then don’t be too hard on yourself as you are only human after all. Allow yourself a few treats here and there but watch the portion size and share with a friend or partner.