Our detox retreats

Our specialist team of experts are eager to guide, motivate and inspire you through what will certainly be a profound and memorable journey to finding your personal formula to health, vitality and longevity.

Our renowned goal-oriented detox programmes have been designed from both a medical and scientific standpoint and have provided our guests with optimal results over the years.

We aim to significantly alter your perception of healthy living by uncovering the underlying flawlessness of your body. You will safely neutralise and eliminate the toxins which you have accumulated over the years and we will also assist you in making a lasting lifestyle change once back at home. And it is easier than you may think.

You will leave with the feeling of balance. A powerful realignment of your body, mind and soul. Our guests always leave with more than they expected.

  • Men and women of all ages are welcome
  • Busy people with stressful jobs, we specialise in burn-out prevention and management
  • Busy mothers seeking a solo break to re-charge
  • People who are wanting to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, re-balanced themselves and lose weight
  • Mothers & daughters, couples, partners, groups of friends, honeymooners, babymooners & couples trying to conceive
  • People who are seeking more from life, who are in a transition, or looking for purpose
  • People wanting to cure lifestyle related conditions, such as: food intolerances & food addictions
  • South African’s as well as guests from all over the world travel to our retreats
  • Full of abundant energy and natural vitality
  • Balanced, relaxed and calm
  • Happy and filled with a sense of joy
  • Lighter and radiant
  • Positive and confident about your path ahead
  • The necessary determination required  to make lasting lifestyle changes once you are back home
We believe that everyone is unique and every detox journey is different. You will have an innate sense of what you need at each point during your stay, and as such our philosophy is to provide you with an array of activities, treatments and therapies to select from. In this way you can customise your own programme to best suit your individual requirements. You can structure your programme in such a way that you are constantly busy and your day is filled with lots of activities, pampering, alternative therapies or you can spend the entire day reading a book and resting. We believe you should always trust what you body tells you and if you need to rest, then that is what you need.

Our approach is to provide you with the tools and activities to customise your programme so that you not only achieve maximum detoxification results but that you also enjoy your stay with us and leave feeling happy, cared for and nurtured.

We have run our retreats from the beautiful 5-star Fordoun Hotel & Spa in the KZN, Natal Midlands for over 7 years. The truth is we just can’t find a more beautiful place! Where the energy is calming and the entire farm is filled with warm, happy, kind individuals who share the same values as we do.

Fordoun Hotel & Spa offers our guests world-class facilities such as large professional Spa, indoor and outdoor pools, gym, sauna, steam room, salt water floatation tank, yoga studio, spinning studio and mountain biking trails (incl. mountain bikes).  Fordoun also has its own Energy Medicine centre run by the gifted Brenda Mc Fee.

Fordoun is a large idyllic farm estate located in Nottingham Road which is easily accessed from the N3 and is a 4 hour drive from Johannesburg. Should you wish to fly to Pietermaritzburg Oribi airport or King Shaka International Airport (which is 90 minutes from Fordoun) an airport shuttle service can be arranged.