Stressed, tired, over-worked and overweight. This is an apt description of my state of being when I finally decided to take action and embark on what would be the defining step towards changing my life.

As I arrived at the beautiful five-star Fordoun Hotel and Spa set in the picturesque farming community of Nottingham Road, a jewel in the heart of the Natal Midlands. I was welcomed by cherry blossoms, a heard of spritely dairy cows and the professional Namasté team. I was eager to start my seven day journey, having pre-selected the Namasté Juice Fasting programme (the healthy eating programme is also available). After doing some research of my own. I discovered that juice fasting is a detoxification method in which one consumes only fresh, preferably organic, vegetable and fruit juices. Juice fasting is often done for the physical benefits of cleaning your cells as well as losing stubborn weight.  Besides the obvious physical benefits of juice fasting I was also fascinated by the reported spiritual awakening which is often experienced. I also selected the optional colon hydrotherapy treatments to assist in speeding up my detoxification process.

As we introduced ourselves on the Sunday afternoon, I got a brief glimpse into the reasons why some of the guests had chosen to come to the Retreat to Detox not only their bodies but also their minds and souls. Some were stressed Exec’s who wanted to de-stress and learn how to better manage their lifestyles, others wanted to simply lose weight  while others had very specific reasons such as wanting to move on after losing a loved one.

To begin the programme we were weighed, measured and given our comprehensive body composition analysis. I was 18 kilograms overweight, with a fat percentage of 41%. I was horrified and wondered how I had I let myself go like this. I admit at that very moment I felt extremely despondent but was assured by the team of professionals that a few lifestyle changes would go a long way.

My suite was luxurious, very spacious and overlooked the dam. I was eager to open my bag of goodies which was waiting for me in my room on arrival. It included a full range of organic toiletries to name just a few of the items, as well as a journal which we were encouraged to use daily to explore our feelings and thoughts.

The following morning began with a friendly wake-up call at 7am, a warm Detox aiding drink and the awareness that today my juice fast begins. I was anxious to say the least but after the mornings yoga and meditation session my mind began to calm and focus. Breakfast was a lovely pineapple, apple and ginger juice.  The fresh organic juice was delicious and the flavours intense – yummy! This was to become a ritual, four times a day I drank my juice combined with a concoction of supplements and the obligatory serving of fibre. It was explained that the fibre ensures blood sugar levels remain stable over the day. I could already feel it at work. Surprisingly I really wasn’t hungry and as the programme developed my energy levels started to peak.

The next six days were liberating. I learnt the difference between eating because
I was hungry and eating to suppress my emotions. During the course of the programme and after my Wellness Coaching session I was able to pin-point the reason for having “let myself go.” I had begun to define myself by my job and the success I achieved by voraciously climbing the corporate ladder. I had become last on my list of priorities following my career, staff, kids, husband, bond and the list goes on. I had lost touch with my true self and along the way forgotten what really brings me happiness.

The week was filled with many activities including yoga, meditation, walks on the farm, water aerobics, as well as sauna, steam and floatation tank sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed my one-on-one physical training session with the fitness guru who gave me a personalised workout plan which I can even do from a hotel room when travelling for business. The daily massages included in the package were just heavenly and I also treated myself to a resurfacing facial, manicure and pedicure.
I even came to appreciate the colon hydrotherapy which I experienced as both a physical and emotional release.

Top specialists came to talk to us on nutrition, supplementation, exercise, finding personal balance, bio-energy healing and traditional herbal medicine. Empowered with recipes, eating and exercise plans as well an arsenal of tactics to assist me in managing my stress I was eager to start implementing this new found knowledge.

In total I lost a remarkable 19 centimetres and 5.4 kilograms whilst on the Retreat which serves as my motivation to continue this momentum once I return home. My experience was truly profound and the benefits stretched far beyond just the weight which I had lost.

Namasté’s unique programme has been designed from a holistic standpoint, detoxing not only the body and mind but also allowing the framework in which to allow for self reflection and spiritual development.

Why Detox?

External toxins from the environment such as chemicals found in foods, water and air, pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants are present at alarmingly higher levels than any time in history. These toxins bombard your body on a daily basis preventing your detoxification organs from doing their job. This is why a regular Detox is vital in achieving optimal health.

The specialist team of experts at Namasté Wellness Retreats are eager to motivate and inspire you to find your personal formula to health and longevity. This is not just a spa holiday, but rather a way to achieve optimal health through their goal-oriented detoxification programmes.

Programmes have been designed from a medical and scientific standpoint: food consumption, supplementation and daily activities are carefully designed and monitored to achieve the maximum results. Choose from the 4 Day Revitalise, 7 Day Detox or the 10 Day Exclusive Weight-loss programmes combining juice fasting or healthy eating, colonic hydrotherapy, lymph drainage massages and a daily exercise regime.

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