Let’s talk about water. We all know how vital water is for you and your body. The body requires water to help balance all of its fluids, digest food, transport nutrients from food eaten to the cells in your body as well as to regulate the body’s temperature.

There are many more reasons to keep your body hydrated which are mentioned below:

Maintains Regularity

Water is necessary for the digestion of food and to prevent constipation.

Promotes Weight Loss

Drinking water is essential to losing weight. Not only does it have zero calories, but it also is a natural appetite suppressant and can reduce the amount you eat if consumed before meals. Water can also boost your metabolism.

Increases Energy

Dehydration reduces your energy levels leaving you feeling depleted and tired. Staying hydrated also helps you concentrate as it transfers oxygen and other nutrients to your body’s cells.

Improved Fitness

Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramps and lubricates the body’s joints.

Great for your skin

Water hydrates your skin cells which is essential for keeping wrinkles at bay.

Flushes out toxins

Water flushes out toxins and improves circulation and blood flow, helping your skin glow.

How to ensure you are getting enough water?

  • Always have a jug of water on your desk so you can top up your water glass throughout the day
  • Set a reminder on your phone or put a memo on your desk
  • Make it a habit to drink a glass of water before every meal
  • Add fresh mint or lemon to water so that it is tasty and has even more nourishing benefits
  • Have a spare water bottle in your car to drink whilst driving
  • Add water-rich foods to your diet such as cucumber, celery, watermelon, and zucchini